Nopixgo Wristbands for Hotels

Invest in the Health of Your Team

You probably consider your team leaders to be one of your hotel's most essential assets. If you are in Southeast Asia, where some diseases spread by mosquitoes are epidemic, it makes sense to protect key staff with Nopixgo wristbands so that service is not compromised by multiple absences for 2-3 weeks. Most vulnerable are those employees who spend part of their working day outdoors, those who live in areas with mosquito infestations, and those who ride bicycles or motorbikes to work.

Diseases like Dengue Fever spread easily, particularly during rainy season. If one of your staff is infected, it is possible that the disease can spread to other people in the workplace because most mosquitoes bite 2-3 times before they lay their eggs and die. If one or two people are bitten by one mosquito that has already had a first blood meal from a infected host, the same disease can spread rapidly among a group of people who spend time working closely with each other.  For the same reason, it is not uncommon for more than one person in a family to be infected at the same time. If someone is infected at home, they can bring the disease to work before noticing any symptoms.

We have a special program for hotels to make Nopixgo wristbands a part of your staff uniform so that your most vulnerable team members are protected. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

How to Pay For It

The quick answer is: "Your guests will pay you to protect your staff."

Most foreigners are concerned about the health consequences of traveling in our part of the world. They worry about drinking the water, spicy and/or dangerous food, coming face to face with strange wildlife, and being bitten by mosquitoes.

Nopixgo wristbands are not inexpensive, but they are built to last for several years. To offset your investment in Nopixgo for your staff, we can give you wholesale rates that will enable you to offer Nopixgo to your guests. It will not take long for guests to notice that many of your staff are wearing identical wristbands of the same color. Curious guests to ask the person serving them drinks by the pool, the front desk staff, or anyone else wearing a wristband to explain what they do. All you need to do is train your staff to say "These help prevent mosquitoes within two meters from biting us.  You can buy them at the front desk. They come in six colors."

We can also provide free, custom-desiged printed prmotional material that you can leave in the same place where guests find the room service menu. You can even consider promoting your protection of staff as an extra safety feature for guests since it will be far more unlikely that your employees will spread infections to guests.

We are happy to offer resale rates to hotels that also make Nopixgo available to their staff. Our retail price is US$110 each which include taxes, customs duty and an allowance of $5 for shipping. Wholesale rates depend on how many units you buy, in total. You can set your own price, depending on what you think your guests will be willing to spend. A price of $125 still represents a good value since guests get to pick the color they want, and enjoy instant peace of mind with their new Nopixgo wristband. We deliver them already charged so they can be used immediately.

We plan to promote the hotels and retail stores that sell Nopixgo on this website, which will help to attract buyers who are not guests.